How hard is it to get an Internship in an MNC in London?

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England is a centre for international business and world leaders, and London…

England is a centre for international business and world leaders, and London is the capital city — literally and figuratively. The London economy is growing, and being paid in pounds can be quite profitable. Architecture, Art, Photography, Design, Law, Business, and Hospitality are just some of the exciting opportunities that await you if you’re looking for a paid Internship in London. However, there are a few basics you should know first.

1. Researching London Internships

  • Finding an Internship in your home country is hard enough; finding an Internship abroad can be downright daunting. The best first step is to start your Internship search early and start close to home.
  • Tap into your local Resources: your university career services and the international department are just two immediate places that offer a wealth of information and support in the beginning stages of your time abroad.
  • Find out if you are eligible to receive college credit for your London Internship. For American Students, many Internships in England will have partnerships with U.S. Institutions. Even if your “pay” is only course credits, it is still valuable.
  • Utilize reputable resources to kickstart your Internship journey with the right training and project resources.

2. Popular Industries for Interning in London

  • London is not just the largest business hub for the United Kingdom, it is also globally significant. By interning in England, you are tapping into some of the top companies of the world, which means more opportunities for International Networking.
  • Thanks to the number of organizations operating in England, almost any sort of Internship program is available in London: this includes Marketing, Accounting, Media Studies, Information Technology, Hospitality, Finance, Engineering, and Architecture.
  • Some industries are more lucrative for interns than others. Business, particularly, is a buzzing field, as London is the largest financial center (after NYC) in the entire world. Finance and international business majors will delight in the number of opportunities within one of the many corporations in the city.
  • Students with an interest in the fashion industry will find Internships-a-plenty in the U.K.’s capital city. As a major European fashion center rivaling Paris and Milan, there is a large number of renowned designers headquartered in London, ripe with paid Internship Opportunities! Lastly, Internships for the politically-minded are often pursued in London. Exposing yourself to other forms of government can help you better understand our system, making it a perfect Internship in England for Americans.

3. Visas for Internships in London

  • Without a U.K. passport, U.S. travelers visiting London for an Internship will need to obtain a Tier 5 Visa before they arrive. This visa will allow you to legally work in London for a limited duration.
  • Varying by the passport holder’s country, the visa application process can be lengthy and is best arranged through your program provider or University. Your temporary working visa application may require Financial, Insurance, and Student documentation, in addition to a processing fee.
  • If you are lucky enough to already be studying abroad in England, you may use and convert your Tier 4 Visa into a Tier 5 to legally work certain jobs in London. Either way, since the process takes approximately six weeks to complete, it is best to start early and leave room for delays! If you can successfully crack these requirements, then surely “London Thumakda” will happen!!
    All the Best! 🙂

1. What is the process of getting a Tier 1 company Internship in Hyderabad?

  • The process to get into any Company across India is quite simple and standard and will probably remain the same shortly. These simple yet crucial steps can help you secure the best Internships at the right companies if you possess the right skill set, matching the company’s requirements.


  • Depending on who you are and what you’ve done, search for the Firms/Organizations which are a fit for you/which interests you.
  • Who you are: Which law school you are from, what’s your class rank, year of Student, etc.
  • What you’ve done: Previous Internships, Moots, Publications, Seminars, Courses, etc.


  • Search for the email IDs and Phone numbers of the short-listed firms.
  • In case you don’t find an Email ID where you can send your Internship application to, call the firm’s office up and ask them if they have an Email ID for Internship applications.


  • Email your CV with a nice tailor-made cover letter (the cover letter should make the body of the email).
  • Tailor-made cover letter: Do NOT copy-paste your cover letter and send it to a dozen firms. It’s easy to spot and your application will surely land in the dust-bin!
  • Select the 5-6 firms/Organizations that fit and send them a tailor-made cover letter.
  • The tailor-made cover letter should mention things like what you like about that particular firm, the recent things/deals which the firm has done and which you’ve heard about what value you can add to that firm and vice versa.


  • Call up the firm’s office. Ask for the status of your Internship application. Keep a track of their response and don’t shy away from calling them more than twice or thrice.
  • Without calling up the office you can consider your Internship application as good as ‘not sent’.
  • Also, don’t end up badgering a firm’s HR. A reminder once a week is good enough.
  • There is a thin line there and if you cross it, well, never mind. We are still Students and still learning and mistakes are bound to happen.

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  • If you still fail to secure an Internship (say after 2-3 months of diligent effort), take 4-5 days off from college and visit the nearest big city which has decent firms (Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.)
  • Go to the firms’ offices in these locations. Make sure you are in your best formals and that you have taken a print-out of your CV with you.
  • Get the CV printed on a slightly better quality paper that you use for normal print-outs.
  • Don’t be shy about this. You are a Student and are here to learn. Some offices might not entertain you and that’s OK. Some might sound indifferent and that’s OK. But someone might take you in!
  • This is as desperate as a struggling actor hounding an influential director, but well who says a career in corporate is NOT a struggle.


  • Talk to the HR about the firm, yourself, your Aspirations, and of course about your wanting an Internship, etc. Be Frank, Sincere and Serious.
  • Tell them how you got to know about his firm, what excites you about the firm, about the areas of the job role attached, how it works, and how you too are interested in similar fields of interest, etc.
  • Talk about yourself, how you are good for the Internship/Job and what brought you here (Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai; where ever you are). This takes the HR by surprise.
  • Having done all of this, most firms will let a decent Student Intern with them.
    All the best!

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