Top things to look for in an Internship

things to look in an internship

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Internships, as we have mentioned a lot of times, are the building blocks of a student’s career. However, unless the internships aren’t of some real value, they won’t be…

Internships, as we have mentioned a lot of times, are the building blocks of a student’s career. However, unless the internships aren’t of some real value, they won’t be beneficial for you in any sort. Internships require value and exposure, which every company can’t provide you.

Other than that, there are a variety of things which you should look out for. Here in this post, we would be discussing some of the top things which you should look for in an internship and how to carry out the programs successfully.

So, let’s begin.

1. What are some good resources for summer internships?

Internships in proper companies start with proper research. There are some of the good old platforms which are dedicated to internship seekers and freshmen. Social media platforms can also help you in finding good resources for summer internships.

We recommend making profiles on LinkedIn, Branchout, Zerply or VisualCV in order to develop a professional presence online. Out of the plenty options available for you, the best student internship platforms are:-

  • Indeed – Largest Selection of Internships
  • Glassdoor – Best for Researching Companies
  • – Best Educational Resources

Discover a variety of Internships in fields ranging from management to computer sciences.

2. What is the best type of internship while in college?

In case you want a legit internship, you can try different companies that can provide different kinds of perks to you. An ideal internship consists of the following elements:-

  • Real-life job experience where you work on actual projects.
  • Projects who let you apply what you have learned.
  • A possibility of getting a job after graduation.
  • A place that treats everybody equally.
  • Opportunities for a student’s professional development and to learn more about the company.
  • Strong mentorship program
  • Good pay and accommodations.

3. Can you suggest some good work-from-home internships?

There are a lot of options available when it comes to choosing internships where you can work from home. As a start, you can make sure that you have the following things considered:-

  • Build your CV along with a work portfolio.
  • Have some experience with what you are applying for.
  • Get some knowledge about the company you are applying to.

When it comes to working from home internships, the first thing which is considered is talent. If you have a particular talent, say content writing or anything, you can apply to a lot of companies.

Other than that, you can also be a graphic designer or a video editor and that too a professional one to get some opportunities in some of the leading companies. There are a lot of options for you to work within and get the best kind of opportunities for yourself. Make sure to apply to a lot of companies. The one who offers you more money, consider them only.

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4. What are the ways to get good Internships?

There are plenty of options out there worth trying on. To find some of the best internships, here are a few ways which you can try out:-

Starting way prior

In case you want to apply for an internship next year, start planning this year only. Unless you don’t know what kind of internship you want, don’t apply for any kind of internship. There are plenty of options waiting for you. All you need to do is to research your internships. Start with writing the names of any of the possible jobs where you want to try your hands at.


Google is an ocean of information. Try finding the job descriptions which fit the job position and check if you can see yourself in that kind of position. Don’t worry if you don’t fit all the requirements. That is what internships are meant for because you learn new things here.

Use networking and social media

It doesn’t matter if it is LinkedIn, Facebook or any of the social events which are happening at your college, make sure you have your network on. There are a lot of people around you where you can ask for advice. You can ask any of the professionals for advice. People love to do it. On the other hand, try your hands on LinkedIn and try to search for internships in the job sections. You would genuinely be surprised how many companies post intern positions on LinkedIn. Never give up. There are a lot of things to try your hands on.

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