Top 10 essential skills required to become an IoT Engineer

skills required to become IoT engineer

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IoT is easily one of the hottest new technologies in the Tech community. With an almost unlimited number of applications, this piece of tech, although in its infancy, has already seen massive adoptions in smart cities, smart homes, futuristic cars without drivers, gadgets, etc.

Each device, be it a tiny sensor, with the help of the internet, forms a large and intricate network, whilst simultaneously exchanging data in real-time.

IoT has evolved quiet a bit over the years and it is predicted that by the end of 2021, there will be more than thrice the number of IoT devices than that of the population of the world. The demand for skilled IoT engineers has never been higher and it is estimated to have a sharp increase in the next couple of years.

Who is an IoT Engineer?

An IoT engineer is someone who can develop, manage as well as monitor an array of IoT devices, and systems by combining three main elements:

  • Data
  • Technology
  • Research.

Certain IoT engineer skills need to be mastered for any person who wishes to make a successful career in IoT.

We have listed below the top ten in-demand IoT skills that need to be mastered to help you prepare yourselves for the future of IoT.

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Top 10 in demand IoT skills to master

1. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is the basic skill required in IoT. You must be able to collect, analyze, and extract insights from huge amounts of data. You should be able to identify patterns and structures in the data received to predict outcomes.

With increasing complexity, Artificial Intelligence is also being used for such tasks and to carry out decisions based on the algorithms.

Every company requires IoT skills engineers who are able in harvesting data from IoT devices and, in simple terms, make sense out of it, to increase efficiency.

2. JavaScript and Python

If you want to start your career in IoT, you must have a decent amount of programming skills. Being well versed in programming languages such as JavaScript and Python will help you appear as a pro in the IoT field.

While JavaScript is a widely used web-based scripting language and helps in developing a scalable and secure system at the backend, Python helps programmers create and execute flawless coding.

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3. Knowledge about How Sensors Work

In almost every IoT application, sensors are involved in some manner or the other. These sensors exchange data in real-time as these devices are connected to the network.

IoT engineers must have an in-depth understanding of how sensors work and also how to integrate them with the system infrastructure.

Knowledge about sensors is most in demand skills required to become an IoT Engineer.

4. UI-Centric Approach

One of the crucial elements in any infrastructure design is the user experience. The user interface must be developed in such a way that it offers front end control for all the operations in the backend.

It also should provide for interactions between one or more devices. It should be designed in such a way that any person apart from the IoT engineer should easily be able to navigate and trigger even the most complex operations easily.

5. Node.js Development

Node.js is the most widely used and preferred for building IoT applications. IoT engineers should be skilled in working with open source environments.

These environments use server-side web development to manage connective devices such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

6. Big Data

IoT devices generate data in real-time. With data getting generated on such a vast scale and an IoT engineer must be capable of managing this kind of data. Big Data is used for analyzing as monitoring the data.

The organization may hire IoT skills professionals who can work with Big Data, however, you become more appealable to recruiters if you possess skills in Big data as well. Also, combining Big data and AI results in higher efficiency and speed.

7. Security

IoT engineering is filled with a lot of problems such as privacy issues, data loss, security, malicious attacks, etc. this is generally due to the complex nature and scalability of IoT applications.

Tech companies around the world hire professional engineers(IoT skills) who can provide solutions to build a foolproof security infrastructure. Having decent knowledge in this domain goes a long way in building a successful career in IoT.

8. GPS Systems

GPS systems have seen a huge increase in their demand since IoT(skills) tech has been widely developed. Many applications of IoT provide for the development of location-aware devices.

They have been used in smart vehicles, logistics companies, and not to forget wearable technology and much more.

IoT engineers who have a good amount of knowledge in GPS systems have a huge demand due to this.

9. Cloud Computing

Data storage is one of the major problems that IoT engineers face. As mentioned previously, Devices generate huge amounts of data in real-time.

A simple and effective way to overcome this challenge is cloud computing. Since all devices are connected to a network could computing helps host the excess of data that the device has generated.

10. Mobile Hardware Environment

Hardware is the core of an IoT embedded system. It is vital for IoT engineers to possess in-depth knowledge about the hardware components to use and what goes where and so on.

They need to be aware of the tendency of each component and their responses to the surrounding conditions along with how much data flows through the devices.

All of them are driven by mobile software which is made for smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc. They need to also have a decent amount of knowledge about Android and iOS ecosystems.


There will be more skills that specific types of companies will be looking for apart from the ones that we have mentioned. Make sure to read carefully the IoT engineer job description about the company you like to ensure that you are skilled enough to be recruited.

However, to conclude, IoT as a field of technology is evolving rapidly. It is high time you get skilled if you wish to have a successful career in the same.

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