Silicon Valley Internship

Silicon Valley Internship

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Our previous few posts have discussed and justified a lot about silicon valley and how to get an internship here in different fields…

Our previous few posts have discussed and justified a lot about silicon valley and how to get an internship here in different fields. However, in case some of the questions remained unanswered, we are here to answer them for you.

Silicon Valley internships are usually a lot harder to get your hands on rather than any other kind of company. These internships require a lot of skills and an extra hand over a lot of programs and tech. In case you are wondering how to enrol yourself for internships here, we’ve got your back.

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Let us mention some of the most important queries about the silicon valley internship and how you can do better here.

1. Which Silicon Valley company has the best intern perks?

Facebook is quite renowned for providing a lot of perks over Google. Some of them are –

  • You can work on a social networking service which most of the people use.
  • You get to choose among different platforms.
  • There are a lot of events which you can attend.
  • You are asked to attend a lot of parties. Well, who wants to skip that?
  • Apart from this, you get to learn a lot of new things which boost your career.

2. How to get a summer internship in Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is a land that is full of opportunities and a lot of talents. Students from all around the world apply for internships here every year. Only a few, however, make it to the end and start their careers here. Whether you are from India or any other place, you can get enrolled here by following these guidelines:-

  • Research the visa process long before you are submitting your internship applications.
  • Make sure to create a very strong Github and LinkedIn profile.
  • Brush up your English speaking skills well and build confidence.
  • Practice your interviewing skills and put in all the efforts into building your resume.
  • Work part-time in different relevant companies and boost your experience.
  • Research about the norms and facilities of Silicon Valley well.
  • Prepare yourself for any kind of cross-questioning.
  • Receive feedback on your resume from different companies.

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3. What are the best tech companies to intern at in 2021?

Depending on what you are considering the ‘best, there are a lot of companies worth considering. Best can mean the brand name, salary or even exposure. In case you are looking for exposure wise with a lot of experience beforehand your work, we recommend Verzeo where you can work easily and get an internship without any kind of headaches.

Take part in India’s largest mentorship program with Verzeo.

The best thing about Verzeo is that the people working here are amazing and have a great caliber of working. As far as personal experiences are concerned, you are going to find people working alongside you and interacting with a lot of mentors here who are going to keep you from any kind of issues in your work or hurdles which freshers usually face.

4. How to get an internship in core companies?

Firstly, the candidate should be able to contact the training department of the company from where he is going to get all the details of the internship program. Some of the companies only provide internships for candidates who have a reference. In case you have a relative who is working in the same company, try to get him in contact with HR. This kind of recommendation is going to help.

Another way is to apply for the training with the specialized application form which is available either on the company website or you can get it from the training office. Some companies might not provide this form but you can submit one training letter from your institution. Contact your placement cell for the same purpose and in case they approve, you will get a call for a walk-in interview.

Other than this, you can also get internships in companies like BSNL, NTPC, BHEL and a lot more. It might be difficult to join but we can recommend one thing. Build your resume as good so that it gets you through and makes you stand on the top. So when you apply for this type of company, you might get a chance to come abroad for sure.

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