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Silicon Valley Internship

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Silicon Valley!

You come across these words quite often. You all know that it is something big, but what EXACTLY is Silicon Valley? 

In this blog, let us understand what Silicon Valley is, what makes it so popular, and know everything about Silicon Valley Internships. 

What is Silicon Valley?

Geographically Silicon Valley is a region in the southern San Francisco Bay Area of California. Some of the major Silicon Valley cities are San Jose, Santa Clara, Redwood City, and Mountain View. Silicon Valley is the global centre for technology innovations.

It is home to the world’s biggest technology corporations. It has headquarters of more than 30 Fortune 1000 companies and is also famous for the birth of more than 1000 startup companies. 

Apple, Google, Facebook and Netflix are some of the famous companies whose headquarters are located in Silicon Valley. 

Silicon Valley is famous for the highly technologically advanced lifestyle and the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset of people. 

So, if you are a technology enthusiast, Silicon Valley is the best place for you to live and work at. 

Fun Fact, Silicon Valley is named after the main material in computer microprocessors, SIlicon. It’s often said that you can feel the technology in the air in Silicon Valley. 

Internship at Silicon Valley 

Now that you know what Silicon Valley is, let us understand why an internship at Silicon Valley is important. 

Silicon valley internships are majorly for Computer Science students and related branch students. Silicon Valley Internships give students the unique experience and exposure of working with top notch companies. 

Silicon Valley Internship Program (SVIP) focuses on majorly two things. One is to find the right talent who can join these companies full time and contribute to the growth of the company. 

The second one is to  train the interns in such a way that they take back a little bit of the Silicon Valley culture to the entrepreneurial community at their homes. 

Silicon Valley Internship is usually for 12 months and the average salary for these 12 months is $80,000. 

Silicon Valley internships are usually a lot harder to secure compared to internships at other companies. This is mainly because Silicon Valley is the most competitive region in the world. Students across the globe dream of interning at Silicon Valley. 

These internships require a lot of skills and an extra hand over a lot of programs in technology.  

You are now probably wondering how to enroll yourself for an internship at Silicon Valley. 

Read further to find out. 

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Tips to Apply For Silicon Valley Internship 

There are several ways in which you can apply for internships at Silicon Valley, but the most reliable ones are through

  1. Siliconvalleyinternship.com

    This is a website that takes in applications during certain times of the year. This is an initiative by volunteers, and through this you have high chances of securing an internship in the top companies of Silicon Valley. 

In order to apply through this, you will need to fulfill the following requirements.

  • You must be a graduate from a third level University within the last five years, or are expected to graduate in the summer of the following year. 
  • You should have a Computer Science, Software Engineering or other STEM degree that involves knowledge of computers. 
  • You should be willing to move to Silicon Valley, California for 1 year.
  • You must have the desire and productivity to commit to learning about entrepreneurship and building a business alongside a full time role as a Developer.
  • You should take a coding test and additional technical interviews that will evaluate your coding expertise.
  1. LinkedIn.com

    A lot of Silicon Valley Companies, especially startups post their intern requirements on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the most reliable source compared to any other Job Search platforms. 

You can search and apply to each of these internships independently. Every company has a different selection process and you will have to undergo the same to secure an internship. 

1. Which company in Silicon Valley has the best intern perks?

Facebook is known for providing various greater perks when compared to Google. Some of the perks that Facebook present in Silicon Valley provides are: 

  • You are working on a social networking service that people across the globe use. What is more cool than that?
  • You can find a variety of internships in various fields ranging from management to coding-related internships. You can choose among different platforms.
  • They conduct various events which you can attend. They are known to be a lot of fun!
  • You will be made to attend a lot of parties. I’m sure you would love it! 
  • Apart from all the fun stuff, Facebook is the best place for you to learn, grow and boost your career.

2. How to get a summer internship in Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is a place that is full of opportunities and filled with extremely talented people. Students from across the globe apply for internships on a regular basis.

However, a very minal number of people make it to the end and choose Silicon Valley as the starting point to their careers. You can register for Silicon Valley’s internship irrespective of the country you are from. You just have to follow the following guidelines. 

  • Make sure you do thorough research regarding the whole visa process way before you start submitting the applications for your internship.
  • Ensure that you create a powerful and strong LinkedIn profile as companies will definitely look at these profiles. Add only relevant information. 
  • Work on your English verbal and written skills. 
  • Keep your confidence strong. 
  • Look up various interview videos, learn the correct way to give interviews. Keep all the interview tips in mind. 
  • Choose a suitable Resume template and work on your CV/Resume. 
  • Work part-time in different relevant companies and boost your experience.
  • Start looking for accommodation at Silicon Valley 
  • Cross-questioning is something you should be prepared for. Get your basics strong. 
  • Ask for feedback on your resumes and build on it further. 

3. What are the best Silicon Valley Companies to intern at? 

Depending on what you are considering the ‘best’, there are many companies worth considering. Best can mean the brand name, salary, or even exposure. 

Google, Microsoft, Apple are any day the best companies to work for in the technology sector. The growth you will achieve in these companies is enormous. 

These companies have a huge scope for learning and provide their interns with huge perks and benefits. The employee satisfaction rate in these firms is high and this is something you must consider while looking for internship opportunities in the Silicon Valley. 

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It is now clear that securing an internship at Silicon Valley is not a piece of cake. You must be extremely knowledgeable, hardworking, and smart to be accepted by companies in Silicon Valley. 

It is never too late to upskill yourself. If you are in college, this is the best time for you. You should not miss out on any learning opportunities and always have the zeal to learn and try new things. With technological advancements, there is always room for improvement. 

Do not underestimate yourself. With hardwork, dedication and the passion to succeed, you can do wonders. Focus is the key to success. 

This is the time for you to evolve. Make the best of every minute you have.  

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