Is Doing An Internship While Studying Beneficial?

Internship while studying is beneficial?

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The Student experiences a complete paradigm shift when he/she moves out of the…

The answer is an emphatic yes!

Yes, doing an internship while studying, is most certainly beneficial because of the hands-on experience and the invaluable exposure the student is exposed to, in the incumbent industry he/she would be working in, the experience of which, cannot be replicated within the four walls of a classroom or courtesy the dusty old pages of the textbooks and reference guides. Mentorship Program for Students 

The Student experiences a complete paradigm shift when he/she moves out of the clutches of his/her alma mater’s autocratic dictatorship sort of guidance and lands up in a massively competitive ecosystem of a real organization. This provides a much-needed reality check to the Students by exposing them to the mechanistic and organic work cultures of various organizations and how to sort of adapt themselves to the ever-changing demands and requirements.

Doing an Internship while studying provides the perfect platform for students to apply all the theoretical knowledge studied and invested upon in various classes and provide companies with the platform to welcome young and fresh perspectives, which is given some polish, could be potential solutions to some of the existing obstacles in the Organization.

The Students can go back with a wealth of knowledge and Experience which could prove to be a crucial factor in future endeavours career-wise, even possibly resulting in being the x-factor for landing up his/her dream job or successfully starting up something on their own. Schools, Colleges, Governments, Innovative Companies, and several Internship portals could be the perfect foil for bridging the gap between the theoretical knowledge Students acquire and getting an opportunity to apply that knowledge, before graduating.

1.Are there any good Online Internship Opportunities for CSE Students?

Yes, there is a plethora of opportunities available for students pursuing Computer Science, when it comes to doing Internships online. Students who have mastered in-demand technical skills such as Machine Learning, App Development, Cloud Computing, etc. have always been on several Tech Giants’ and Innovative Start-up’s radar, for their bright minds and innovative solutions. There are several job roles these Companies have in their arsenal to offer to students who are talented and willing to work and make a difference.

This is where amazing platforms such as Verzeo come to the Student rescue! They help bridge the gap between a Students’ classroom environment and their workplace atmosphere using specially designed Artificial Intelligence-based software. What’s more? They pamper you with added benefits such as Training Courses, Conducting Hackathons and Placement Opportunities.Verzeo offers plenty of e-learning portals collaborating with some of the finest corporations in the country, giving Students all the reason to do an Internship Online!

2. The Essential benefits of Internships?

There are several benefits of doing an Internship, of which, a few crucial ones are as follows:-

1. It gives you valuable hands-on experience in working with an organization.

2. It allows one to earn a decent stipend as pocket money, which could substitute the pocket money that parents need to provide from time to time.

3. Gives one the platform to apply all the theoretical knowledge taught in College/School.

4. It allows deciding the respective domain or line of work to work for. Sometimes, the intern might be confused about choices to make. That is he/she may not be sure as to what line of work to go ahead within future, so interning with a company for a particular job role can give him/her the required time and exposure to understand the job role and decide whether to pursue the same job role or change to a different line of work.

5. Doing an Internship will also help one acquire a lot more confidence and help one make better decisions at a faster rate. It will also greatly teach one the essential values of time and money.

6. It will also provide a great platform to network with a lot of high profile and influential individuals, who can prove to be decisive factors to mitigate obstacles and threats that might their level of expertise and influence.

7. If made good utilization, an Internship also can be the ideal wingman to a wonderful and lasting relationship with a potential employment opportunity in the form of a pre-placement opportunity!

3. Internships vs Part-Time Work?

This question has given a major headache to a lot of students and rightly so, because the decision to pursue an internship or work part-time, will play an integral role in deciding the line of work one wishes to choose, going ahead and aligning his/her career goals and objectives accordingly.

Internship:-Internships are great if one is considering various options and exploring his/her career path as internships provide the perfect platform to network and perform tasks and duties and carry out roles and responsibilities in allegiance with the career options weighed out. Internships will always be useful after graduation because they will give the Student, that valuable experience of working in an organizational setting, which will later help the Student get amazing employment opportunities.

However, some of the Internships can be unpaid ones as the company hiring Interns would be looking to cut costs and yet get the best out of Students. This could be a setback for Students who might value a good Stipend/Remuneration.

Part-Time Work:-Students usually take up odd entry-level jobs in fast food chains, cosmetics stores, retail chains, restaurants, travel agencies etc to earn some money during odd hours or the off-college/school hours to earn some money to maybe offset the pricey education/Student loan they would have taken or to earn some pocket so that they don’t have to rely on their parents all the time for pocket money.

This practice is very common in the west, where Students are encouraged extensively to take up part-time jobs and earn money on an hourly basis, by providing such Students, incentives in the form of grades and credits. Discover various internship opportunities With V Mentorship

However, this practice is yet to pick up full steam in India as parents here are quite conservative and consider such practices to be derogatory to their statuses, although this mindset is gradually changing. Because many parents today are encouraging their kids to take up such jobs to support themselves and instilling a sense of independence, Schools, and Colleges to are encouraging this.

While an entry-level job pays the bills, it is not always the best position to move you up your career ladder as you will have to work very hard to convince the bosses that you are worth that amazing office! Ultimately, it is up to the Student to decide which route he/she wants to take. He/she can always balance an unpaid Internship and part-time work if the Student can manage those.

Hope this helps!

4. How many vacation days are allowed to an Intern?

Internship while studying at a Company are generally not expected to take long weeks or many days off as vacation, as this will sort of make you look bad by painting you as an irresponsible and careless person, which might result in you not being considered an ideal candidate for a PPO.

An Internship is generally for a short period say for 8–12 weeks, tops. So if you take a week off out of say, a 4-month long Internship, it’s like taking 10% of the days off, which will surely put you in a bad light and you don’t want that if you are considering a future employment opportunity with the same company or any other company for that matter.

However, an Employee is equally entitled to the mandatory weekend offs and all the other compulsory holidays which other Employees are entitled to. The intern can negotiate in advance to any special requirement of holidays, in case he/she will be taking a week off as vacation.

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