How to apply for Google internship program? 5 easy ways to get Google Internship in India

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Every year google invites engineering students to join their organisation through its internship program. These students get a chance to work with some of the most talented engineers from around the globe. The Google [provides internship to B.Tech and MBA students or related fields with an anticipated graduation date after March 2021, depending on their program and unique circumstances.

So without any further delay let’s decode how you can apply for this internship program.

Types of internships available at Google

Before I go ahead and list the ways in which you can apply for the google internship program. It is important to understand the different kinds of internships provided by Google. It is quite obvious that not anyone from any field can apply. You need to have the right educational background according to the positions offered at Google.

Google offers technical and product management internships to students with, postgraduate or PhD in computer science or related fields. If you are from other engineering fields but have good coding skills then you stand an equal chance as the other candidates.

Google offers summer internship programs to MBA students in a wide range of functions across the company. This program for MBA students is 10-12 weeks long and is available to those students who have completed 1st year of their MBA.

Qualifications required to get into Google Internship

Before I list the 5 easy ways in which you can apply for Internships at Google, you need to understand that Google seeks for excellence from its employees, just as it delivers the same in its products. Students should have the following attributes(but not limited to) in order to qualify for Internships :–

Academic Excellence :-Being in the top 10% of your class will give you an edge over other applicants.

Technical knowledge :-You need to have good knowledge and experience in systems software and algorithms. You should have worked on projects which require the use of C++, Java, or Python. You should also be familiar with the working of Operating Systems such as Unix/Linux, as well as TCP/IP and Network Programming.

Extra-Curricular Activities :-This means participating in coding competitions like TopCoder, Hackerrank, CodeChef, and CodinGame. Taking part in Hackathons and Participating in Workshops and Events relating to Computer Science. It is important that you showcase initiative and drive-by doing more than your course-work.

Work-Experience/Internship :-While this is not mandatory, it is always a big plus if you have previous Internship experience where you have worked on live projects.

Social Media Presence :-Thing to be noted here is that Facebook and Instagram do not qualify as social networking sites for software engineers. A lot of students misunderstand this point. You need to be present on sites like GitHub, CodeReview, BetterCodes, The CodeProject and Top Coder to be aware of what’s happening out there in the real world..

Now again the point to be noted here is that the above-mentioned points are just a few of the many criteria which are used by Google to shortlist the candidates. You should also have good communication skills, problem-solving skills etc. to gain an edge over the others in order to secure your place as a Google intern.

5 easy ways to get Google internship

There are 5 ways through which you can secure that dream Job/Internship at Google and they are the following :-

Before starting to apply for Google Internships, make sure you have a great resume and cover letter. Your resume should be well-formatted and include keywords that relate to the Job Description. Your Cover Letter should be customized for the Internship and crisp about the value that you can bring to Google.

  • Campus Placement :-Your best shot to get laced at Google is through campus placements. There is no better way other than Google coming to your campus itself to hire students.
  • Referral :-The next best option is to find someone who is already working at Google to refer you. They can be anyone, either in your friend circle or from your LinkedIn connection. The advantage with this is that it will get you past the resume screening process.
  • Careers Portal :-Google lists their internship openings every year on their portal( Internships usually are posted around September and are closed by December for the Summer Period.
  • Google Kickstart :– Kickstart is a CodeJam competition conducted by Google. It gives students an opportunity to solve algorithmic challenges designed by Google Engineers. You can participate in this competition as this might be useful to put on your resume when you apply next to Google. Also, there is a high probability that you might get a call for an interview if you are among the top performers in this competition.
  • Google Summer of Code :– This is yet another way through which you can get Google mentioned on your resume which can further increase your chances of internship with them. Google Summer of Code connects mentor organizations to students who wish to work on live projects. Mentors evaluate their code and accordingly, Google awards them pass/fail on their projects.

Yet another way through which you can get a shot to intern at google is by mailing directly to HR at Google. If your resume is strong enough, you might end up holding that coveted internship offer letter many people dream of.
How to apply for google internship program - How to get google internship - Verzeo

What next?

Your resume will be evaluated by the concerned team at Google’s office. If they find you fit for the role you will be going through a series of technical interviews spearheaded by professionals form Google’s team. These interviews will either be over the phone call or Google meet or you might as well be asked to come to their office at Gurgaon,

Mumbai, Hyderabad or Bangalore. These interviews are mainly focused on data structures and algorithms along with general coding questions.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you should focus sincerely on developing the right skill set and gaining as much in-depth knowledge as possible in order to clear these interviews. Good Luck! If you are looking to learn a new skill and get industry certified you can explore various certification courses offered by Verzeo.

Note: The above information is based on interviews with ex-interns of the company. For the latest information, it is advisable to visit google careers official site.

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