How many hours a week does an intern work?

how many hours does an intern work

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Internships have a lot of significance over a Student’s career, especially if…

I bet this question will be on your mind when you are in that stage of your career where you are making a switch from a student to a working professional. That is the reason why you are here in the first place, reading this blog to get an idea about how many hours does an intern work?

Don’t worry, I have got all your doubts covered related to intern working hours. Just read along to find the average working hours during an internship. Plus, some other relevant answers if you are looking for internship opportunities.

Internships have a lot of significance in a Student’s career, especially if you are looking forward to a career in different industries and want to invite many opportunities in the future. Even though there are a lot of options available when it comes to finding the best student internship platforms, there are still only a few credible institutes that you can prefer to go to.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the importance of an internship
  • Learn about the various hours you may have to work as an intern
  • Educate yourself on the importance of Industrial Experience through internships

How many hours does a typical intern work?

Working time for interns depends on the type of internship you are doing. There are a few scenarios that influence the working hours you have to spend in your internship institution.

First Scenario: Most of the time, you might want to get an internship where the work you do is super easy and you get over with it easily, finishing your work without any kind of delays or anything. All you need to do is to polish your skills and just imply the knowledge in the internship institute. It requires about 5 hours in this kind of scenario. But it does not mean you can go around and leave the office. Depending on your office work guideline, you may be assigned new work once you finish the previous one. Again it purely depends on your office work culture and guidelines.

Second Scenario: When you are new to the internship and you don’t have any kind of skill at all, you might want to put in some extra hours to learn and imply what works for you in that particular institute. In this kind of scenario, the working hours usually work from 7 to 8 hours a day, yet they always turn out to be better.

The internship duration also depends on the season in which you are doing the internship. It may vary from season to season. For example, If you are doing a summer internship, your internship duration will be 10-12 weeks. On the other hand, the duration will be around 4-5 weeks if you are interning in winter. Apart from this, if you are doing an internship as a part of your degree, it may be as long as your semester.

Still, you give you a brief idea of the working hours of an intern, 40 hours over the course of 5 days a week is the average working hours of an intern.

Again there are no such fixed hours required to complete your internship. You must be sincere with your work and show dedication to successfully completing your internship. One cannot answer the question, How many internship hours are required to complete an internship? It is purely dependent on the organization in which you are working.

Some other relevant questions related to internships

Below I will be listing a few other questions related to internships.

Are there any internships for non-students?

Well, yes! There are a lot of internships that could be chosen by the non-students. You don’t have to be in the studying field, particularly for interning in most of the companies. Finding a job at a startup is selling your personality as much as you have been educated, along with past experiences. Interning in most companies usually requires you to sell your personality to the companies and impress them with your skills.

Even if you don’t have any prior knowledge and you still want to enrol for an internship, you can check out Verzeo’s Mentorship Program. You can enrol in an internship program that suits you. During your time as an intern, you will be taught subjects right from scratch in the first month and in the second month, you will be given practical work.

Benefit of internship during the college application

As we already mentioned, internships help students to a larger extent. Most schools don’t have access to any kind of internship, which makes a student with an internship quite valuable to the company. Though you have to ensure that you are doing an internship rather than just wasting time at your home and getting the internship without any training whatsoever.

When you are hired by a company based on the value of your internship, you are expected to be introduced to the work environment along with certain elements of the job. Internships also help your resumes to work forward to different companies and offer a lot of opportunities in the companies related to your internships. Whenever you are doing an internship, make sure you are giving it your best and make sure that you are honest about your experiences which would give you a lead over most of the fakers in the same field.


It’s no secret that Internships hold a very high value in your Resume and expose you to the working environment in the corporate world. Every Company is different and has different needs for which they reach out and hire interns.

An internship can be a Work From Home, Work from Office, part-time or even full time. Depending on your skill set and the needs of the company, also there are various companies offering paid internships as well. Just like School was the stepping stone to College, Internships can be your stepping stone to your Dream Job!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do interns work 8 hours a day?

It differs from internship to internship, if you’re working in a company and going to the office, then you would most likely be working the same hours as any other employee. However, there are various other remote ways of doing internships with fewer hours.

Do interns get paid?

It depends on the internship offer you receive, some companies give out incentives to interns based on their performance, while other organizations might have a fixed stipend or no stipend.

How long is a typical internship?

A summer internship for college students is around 10-12 weeks long. However, many students in their final year get internships for about 4-6 months, which is usually a paid internship.

Do interns usually get benefits?

Interns aren’t an employee in the workforce but additional aspirant which would be mentored by other employees in the company to help them. This is one of the major reasons why interns aren’t allowed the benefits that normal employees get.

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