Summer Internship program on Finance

Summer Internship on Finance

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Finance jobs are one of the most interesting jobs which the management candidates could go for and make a great career of the same…

Finance jobs are one of the most interesting jobs which the management candidates could go for and make a great career of the same. However, the same kind of job requires expertise and a lot of experience.

Now, as a solution for the same, there are internship programs that are going to provide you experience about the whole concept and get you aware of the work environment which usually surrounds the finance workplaces. As such, we have come up with the most asked questions by students about finance jobs along with their answers.

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Where can I get internships in finance in India?

There aren’t a lot of financial institutes in India whom you can apply for any kind of finance job. However, there are a few of these institutes which might allow you for an internship and gain personal benefits as well. Out of these few institutes, here are some of the best handpicked:

  • Institute for development and Research in Banking Tech
  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

These were some of the best institutes that offer internships in finance management. You can apply to them by either referring online or via networks from people.

How to finance a study or intern abroad program?

There are actually a few of the primary sources that support foreign education:


Of course, this had to be on the list. Scholarships are the most popular sources of finance for studying abroad, yet the unfortunate thing is that most of the students don’t actually pay heed to the same because of the efforts which it takes. However, it’s not correct all the time as there are a lot of institutes that provide scholarships based on the capabilities of the students. Try to go for them only.

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Financial Aid

Another thing which you can do is to go for financial aid which actually refers to the support provided by the universities or colleges to the weaker students. These universities also provide fee reductions depending on the performance of the students. But again, it still depends on the institute.


Student loans are one of the most popular sources for funding students. People think it might be a burden for them to pay it off, yet most of the time, it is easy and you might have to pay after you finish your studies and you get a job. There are a lot of institutes that provide loans at low interest rates with very fewer formalities. Make sure to check them out.

How to get an internship in finance with no finance experience?

The smartest employers always strive to find the most hard-working employees. For experienced candidates, the best predictor of future performance happens to be past performance. Whenever somebody is being evaluated for more than a handful of years, the GPA is almost irrelevant and what matters is that they actually have accomplished their recent professional career.

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For the lesser experienced candidates, the previous accomplishments aren’t there of course and in that case, you have little more than just a GPA to showcase.

The first thing which an interviewer is going to wonder is if you are smart and learned and still, why do you have a low GPA. The answers that come are all acting against you, like:

  • Is this candidate actually smart and does he work hard?
  • He might be smart but he might leave the projects unfinished.
  • He might be smart but he is difficult and confrontational.

The interviewer is going to look at your resume with suspicion, and fear you for lazy. As such, you have only a few options left. Either convince the interviewer or actually, train yourself first properly about the field and only then apply for the job. This way, you might get some experience with the same and actually have a chance to land into the company.

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