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Most people are under the false impression that Blogging and Journalism are synonyms. Although they superficially seem the same, they aren’t. The two can be differentiated on several levels…

The main difference between Blogging and Journalism:


Journalism is the act of collecting and evaluating information on events and stories relevant to the requirements of the audience.

A journalist’s job includes thorough research to ensure that the information acquired is entirely true and credible. It demands generous time dedicated to research as they maintain authentic and factual matters.

A Journalist is professionally trained and is answerable to the organization they serve. The organization may be associated with various mediums. It might be a print organization which uses newspapers, magazines, etc or an Electronic media organization which uses TV, radio and the internet.

The relationship between a Journalist and their audience is highly professional. The audience takes their work very seriously which necessitates the Journalist to preserve a professional tone throughout the same. A piece of Journalism should never be biased. It can provide various points of view, representing several sides of a story.

Although, it can never lean towards one. The composition must always be objective and fair. They form the pillars of Journalism.

Average Salary of a Journalist: 3-4 LPA


On the other hand, a blog is a regularly updated website or a web page run in a conversational and informal style. A blog can be sustained by an individual or a small group of people. They need not answer to anyone and have the freedom to create any sort of content. They don’t need to stick to fixed topics, reporting on issues predetermined by any organization. Usually, bloggers extract their data from newspapers, TV, etc., the field of Journalism.

We can infer that all bloggers can be classified as Journalists but it does not apply when the roles are reversed. Unlike Journalism, Blogging is strictly limited to the internet.

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A blogger builds a unique rapport with their audience. They can have a casual tone running throughout as the audience does not expect hard facts. The work a blogger publishes can be true or false. The decision lies in the hands of the blogger. It can make fictitious additions while twisting the truth, all to add thrills, captivate and lock in more viewers. A blog can be biased. It can take sides on a story, voicing its own opinions. The degree of subjectivity can vary.

The difference between blogging and Journalism are two spaces that are separated by a blurred line. The two share several things in common but are still discrete.

Average Salary of a Blogger: 2-3 LPA


I’m sure you’re clear about the key differences between Blogging and Journalism.

One thing they have in common is you need a good grip on your writing skills to pursue a career in either of them.

Constant improving and working towards writing creatively, meaning writing in your way.

If you wish to pursue a career as a writer, I’d recommend you take up a professional certification course.

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