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It is no secret now that Artificial Intelligence has a firm grip on the technological world, and forms an integral part of all processes, techniques and products that come out in the market.

AI’s capability of hastening and easing the work-demand and flow has endeared it to usage in process-heavy environments such as production, business processes, deployment mechanisms etc. Without any hassles on efficiency and output.

It is this capability of AI commonly attributed by some as “automation” that is winning people’s attention. AI is fast becoming the most in-demand technological principle combining the strengths of many inherent computing principles that contribute to its potential.

Today we will look at the top 7 Artificial Intelligence applications that ease human’s work process and provide an automated and ready-made solution to the underlying processes.

artificial intelligence applications

1. Robotics

Perhaps the most well-known real-world applications of Artificial Intelligence is in the field of Robotics. Artificial Intelligence provides the required automated power to the Robot or machine(s). It enables them to procreate situations and scenarios around them.

Using AI, we can teach specific ways for the robot to function and directions to face while working on any situation.

Robots find use in home automation, factory production lines for mass production, and surveillance measures etc.

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2. Drone Technology

Artificial Intelligence is harnessed extensively in drone technology with its capability to detect and discern information about any occurrence or happening in the surveillance areas. Artificial Intelligence is used extensively in the field of drone technology.

Drones are specialized in their detection using AI-based sensors that can perceive their surroundings in a much better manner.

The AI-drone combination is one of the latest Artificial Intelligence applications and has been one of the most advanced innovations of the time. Their usage and desirability have led to them being deployed in almost 400,000 job sites in the world.

Some of the companies which are considered the frontrunners in the AI-Drone industry include:

  • DJI (Market Leader)
  • DroneSense
  • Neurala
  • SkyCatch, and
  • Aerovironment
frontrunners in the AI drone industry

3. Conversational AI

AI is now being used extensively in conversations and their simulations. In modern times, chat equivalents called “Chatbots” are fast replacing human-to-human interaction through chat and online mediums.

We use Chatbots to facilitate interaction and conversation with customers, especially on digital mediums. They are programmed to respond to different situations and questions and are specialized to understand each scenario during the redressal process.

A chatbot can communicate the same way in which a user can, and their roles and usages have diversified to them even being deployed as voice assistants in many ways.

Prominent tech-industry players like Google, Apple and Amazon have aced the game of Conversational AI with their respective chatbot equivalents such as Google Assistant/Home, Siri and Alexa which are the most common examples in the field.

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4. Text-grammar verification and word analysis

Next up in the list of artificial intelligence examples is text-grammar and word analysis.

Now, this is the latest case of the usage of Artificial Intelligence but something that we have been aware of for long but may have somewhat failed to recognize.

In text-editing tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs off late, the recognition of grammatical and spelling errors can also be attributed to Artificial Intelligence and was one of the earliest examples of Artificial Intelligence.

In any text-creation and editing platform, we see instances where, before writing a word, the text editor is quick to understand what the writer intends to type and offers the word upfront.

This saves a lot of time and effort while having to type out long names and phrases.

5. Humanless Surveillance System

Surveillance systems is an intensive use case of Artificial Intelligence. But nowadays they are becoming capable of detecting and analyzing any hindrances in human or environment detection.

The use of AI in healthcare has become particularly useful of late, in healthcare, at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world in its talons. Human contact has reduced due to the possibility of the virus passing on to others through touch and breath.

In these times, managing and monitoring patients and their health has become imperative in doctors’ quests to cure patients.

AI technology has helped a lot in this battle but inducing robotic systems that can regularly check patients’ medical conditions and assess their areas of weakness and can also prescribe the required treatments and medications.

The potential of AI in this respect is being used extensively and is proving to be the optimal solution to the problem of minimal human contact in the time of COVID-19.

At number 6 in this list of examples of artificial intelligence is Marketing.

6. Using AI in Marketing

AI has infiltrated into every stratum of business, and marketing is no exception. User experiences are now being measured to understand their preferences about certain areas and provide ads and experience campaigns based on analysis of those choices.

E-Commerce companies and giants have taken stock of AI to work on this initiative.

They are using specialized algorithms for this job. These algorithms go through millions and billions of such searches and readily provide information when needed on particular feasibility and desirability of a product within the customer base.

Using the information provided by these algorithms, we can also catalogue and curate user preferences and create seamless customer experiences during purchase as well as redressal.

It also helps companies to utilize extensive marketing campaigns and advertisements to promote products and services that are more in demand.

Using AI they can also target and persuade interested customers in the products that they searched for but didn’t end up buying. This technique in marketing lingo is termed as “remarketing.”

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7. Gaming and Entertainment

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the field of gaming and entertainment is not talked about much.

Gaming, in particular, has embraced AI technology by the creation of reactive gaming experiences where a person can choose the scenarios within the game based on which the games are curated to move along while playing.

The advent of AR/VR is an all-new trend within the industry and has taken gaming to another level with the first-person RPGs (role-playing games) of the events unfolding in the game leading to a wholesome entertainment experience.


The points mentioned above highlight the ever-growing capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and their uses in almost every aspect of business and production imaginable. The potential of AI is only bound to grow, and the best part is that it has just started.

People are beginning to understand the power of AI, and its use stretches beyond the points mentioned here, including home automation, process automation, material quality management etc.

Hence for people who are looking for new opportunities within growing industries, AI is sure to be one among them and now is the best time to learn and equip yourself with skills to become the next big tech-enforcer in the industry.

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