10 best ways to earn money in the Stock Market

best ways to earn the money in stock market

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Today, there are thousands of options available on the internet to earn money. You must have heard about people getting richer via the Stock market. How is it possible? Presenting you the best ways to earn money in the Stock Market.

Somehow, advanced technology has made it easier to make money in this generation. But, yes! if you know what are Financial Risks, then you also have to take care of the fact that you don’t fall prey to them.

Have you watched The Wolf of Wall Street, The Big Short, Wall Street, or Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story?

The Stock Market is one of the options to become rich. The lure to earn good money always pulls the people into the leap of it.

Major Key Takeaways

  • The stock market is a platform where people can trade or invest in shares, which involves enormous amounts of risk.
  • Companies list their shares through IPO and then people can buy and sell these shares via the stock market.
  • You should not trade or invest in stocks after listening to others.
  • Be patient and follow a disciplined approach to maximize profit.
  • Follow up news and company-related events which affect the price of the share. 
  • Types of stock traders

What is Stock Market?

A stock market is a secondary market. Do you know what is a secondary market? It is where people connect online to buy and sell the stock of public listed companies. The stock represents the share of ownership in a public company.

Companies list their stocks on an exchange through Initial Public Offering (IPO). Investors then buy and sell this stock, which enables companies to raise funds for their businesses. 

Trading or Investing in shares involves enormous risk.

And now, not only the stock market, you can invest in Cryptocurrency or Artificial Intelligence which can pay off in the future.

Before starting trading or investment, you should know how does a share market work.

How does a Stock Market Work?

Stock Market works like an auction house; it provides buyers and sellers with a place to negotiate prices and make investments or trade.

It works through a network of exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange. Companies introduce their stocks through an IPO, and then investors can buy and sell this stock in the secondary market. 

The exchange tracks the demand and supply of listed stocks, which determines the price of each stock or the levels at which participants are willing to buy and sell. 

It may sound complex, but computer algorithms do most of the price-setting calculations. 

How to Make Money in Stock Market?

Are you someone who wants to maximize their profit in the stock market?

Every investor wants to get rich through the stock market, irrespective of experience and knowledge. 

The Stock Market is simple but not easy. It requires passion, patience, and discipline. 

There are no set formulas or algorithms to earn money by trading in shares. 

However, if you follow these best ways to earn money in the stock market, you will be an exemplary investor.

1. Know the Type of Trader you are 

There are two types of traders in the share market, fundamental investors and speculators. The difference between the both is the way they see the price of a share.

The trader who follows fundamental investing gives importance to the natural strengths of any company. 

The traders those who give importance to the price of stocks are known as speculators.

If you want to earn good money, then you must follow fundamental investing as it involves less risk of suffering a loss.

2. Avoid Herd Mentality

Stock Market is a place where you should not be listening to other people. The decision to buy or sell stocks should not be based on what your friends or relatives say. 

Investing or trading in stocks should be your decision, rather than seeing others and being a sheep as it can cause you a considerable loss. 

You can take help of the best ways to earn money in the stock market rather than listening to others.

According to Warren Buffet, one needs to be fearful when others are greedy and needs to be greedy when others are fearful.

Many times, when the price of any stocks shoots up, new investor jumps on as herd mentality takes on. Further, when the price starts falling hugely, there can be a considerable loss. The price reversal can be equally swift. 

Never take decisions depending on rumors or speculative reports.

For example, we can look into the case of Reliance Power IPO. It received an overwhelming response, and the retail portion was oversubscribed 14.4 times. The company got 19.5 lakh applications from retail investors. The IPO was issued at Rs.450, and retail investors got Rs.20 discount on each share. And in 2018, the share was at Rs.20. 

3. Pay Attention to Asset Placement

Some companies don’t pay dividends and some always pay back a percentage of the dividends owed to shareholders. 

It is a big difference in managing style but still, both are good companies for investments.

Focus on asset placement to decide on which company is with investing in. You can even diversify your investments and trade in both types of companies to maximize your profit. 

4. Follow a Disciplined approach 

The Stock Market is always volatile. 

It is always prudent to invest systematically and with knowledge of the share.

Following a disciplined approach helps investors reduce the chances of losses. And it also makes investors ready to handle calculated risks and decide a necessary course of action.

According to Waqar Naqvi, CEO, Taurus Mutual Fund, having patience and a disciplined approach can help take the right decision, but one should think of a long-term picture.

5. Focus on Dividend Gains 

Apart from capital gains, investors may expect income in the form of dividend gains, which are based on the profitability of the business you are investing in.

It is good to invest in the companies which show potential for growth and wait while the company expands. 

Also, if you receive a dividend payment within the first few years of investing, you can reinvest it to buy more shares. 

This way you will get more dividends payment and also can sell more shares as the business grows.

6. Don’t Try to Time the Market

Buying at the lowest and selling at the highest is the dream of every investor in the share market. 

But it is not possible to do so, as the price of the shares keeps fluctuating. It is advised by experts not to try timing the market, as no one has ever done it with success. 

Rather than trying to time, focus on time spent in the market. 

7. Always have realistic goals 

The Stock Market is always volatile and unpredictable. 

Traders should always have realistic expectations. The stock market is known to test investor’s patience all the time.

And if traders have unrealistic financial goals, it can cause a big loss. 

The market provides opportunities at regular intervals for entry and exit. 

8. Regular Monitoring is Must

Investors need to remain up to date about the news and company-related events, and other factors which can affect the price of the share.

The share price keeps fluctuating depending on market conditions and many factors. It also depends on the growth of the business.

For example, During Mukesh Ambani’s speech on the launch of Jio, other telecom companies’ share prices dropped by a huge percentage.

9. Have a Diversified Portfolio

Beginners should start by buying different types of stocks, which is known as diversification. This means you should buy stocks of companies from different sectors. 

Having a diversified portfolio helps investors when the economic environment is not favorable for one sector or another.

In the beginning, it’s better to buy large-cap stocks, mostly comprising the index. 

10. Join an Online Community

An online community or a stock market group is a great way to get advice from professionals who have great experience in the market. 

You can also pass on your knowledge and experience to help others make a profit.

You can find many platforms or organizations also providing webinars and e-books, where you can learn more about the share market. 

Concluding: Best ways to earn money in the Stock Market

In simple words, if you have the knowledge, resources, and patience, the stock market is the best way to earn money and these are the best ways to earn money in the stock market.

The internet provides you with a way to conduct proper research and make the most out of the stock market. It is an untapped gold mine for every person out there. Start digging when you have a chance to get ahead of the crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a primary market?

Primary market is the financial market, where companies list their new securities after which their shares are listed in stock market or secondary market.

2. What is an IPO?

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, where companies sell their securities of shares for the first time to the public.

3. Why does the share market involve enormous risk?

The price of a stock depends on the growth and prospectus of the company and other factors also which cannot be controlled by a single person or entity, that’s why it involves volatility.

4. What is long-term trading?

Long term trading or position trading, is a trading style where the trader will hold on to a share for an extended period of time, i.e. 3 to 5 years.

5. What is short-term trading?

Short term trading is a trading style where the time period of buying and selling of a share is very short, i.e. ranging from days to weeks.

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