Best online computer courses to land a high paying job in 2021

Best online computer courses to land a high paying job in 2020

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As the year 2020 has passed with a pandemic hitting us through, we have realized that knowing a skill with perfection is what will keep us thriving in our careers. You need to know about the Best Online Comuter Courses. “Work from home” is the new normal. Now to survive through the tough competition in the technical world out there, one should have enough knowledge and skills to set foot in the technical field.

To help you with that we are going to discuss the best computer courses which you can use to upskill yourself and land that dream job of yours.

So here’s a list of online computer courses which have the potential to help you land a high paying job and start a career in the IT industry:

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  3. Web development
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Cybersecurity
  6. Data Science
  7. DevOps
  8. Cloud Computing
List of high paying computer course jobs

Top Online computer courses


Machine learning has been one of the most lucrative job opportunities provided by the IT industry. Although there has been a high demand for machine learning engineers in the recent past, yet not a lot of skilled professionals are available in the market.

Machine learning has been surveyed as the best job in 2019 due to the high paying packages and an increase in demand for skilled professionals across industries.

According to payscale, a skilled ML engineer can expect to draw an average salary of $111,627 per annum.

All the above statements indicate one thing i.e learning and developing your expertise in Machine learning can help you do wonders in your career ahead.

So, your first step in order to become a part of this thriving industry should be to enroll in an online course in machine learning and learn the concepts through practical knowledge.

machine learning training program


You might be using applications like Snapchat, Pokemon GO, Google earth without noticing that they are powered by augmented reality and virtual reality. Such is the power of this technology that you can now use it to build your own personal Snapchat filters.

AR/VR market is thriving at the moment and is expected to grow by 63.3% that is from being just an 11.35 USD market in 2017 to reaching a 571.42 USD in 2025.

As per a report by Hired, the average salary for an AR/VR expert is $170,000 per annum. This might just be the best computer course in the tech world which can help you land a job in your dream company.



Full-stack development helps you develop in creating and building a website to set up on the internet. It can be divided into two parts -Front end development and back end development.

Front end development involves designing the actual visible part of the website which the users see using languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript. On the other hand backend development involves handling the database, server-side of the website using languages such as SQL, Java, PHP

According to surveys, it has been noticed that a full stack developer earns 30% more than a regular developer.

The fact that they know both front and back end development is the reason why they are in high demand and also with the highest salary packages among the developers.

As per a report by Payscale, the average salary for an experienced developer can go around $67,000 per annum.

The best way to land a high paying job in a reputed company as a full stack developer is to get a pro degree certification. This way the recruiter gets to know that you have actually learned and applied the concepts practically.

Full stack web development pay scale


Artificial Intelligence has ever been a trend since its inception and has only been growing exponentially in the tech world. Everything you see in your surroundings will have something to do with Artificial Intelligence. Whether you are going through your Instagram feed or looking for products to buy on Amazon, you might be using AI without even knowing it.

The artificial intelligence industry needs some of the sharpest minds and hence the high pays explain the scenario. An experienced artificial intelligence can clock up to $114,121 as an average salary per annum.

It was named as the top 15 paid jobs in 2020 with an overall 74% growth rate. A career in AI pays with not only high salaries but also with top-level job satisfaction which makes the job a lot fancier.

All being said, most people find it difficult to start their career in artificial intelligence. This is because most of the people out there looking to learn AI cannot find a mentor who has already traced the path which you will be going through.

Therefore finding an experienced mentor is very important to master the concepts.

This is a place where Verzeo can be helpful. Through Verzeo’s live mentor-led classes you get the exact tips and tricks to become a skilled AI engineer.


It is quite interesting to note that the number of cyber crimes committed in the past few years has skyrocketed. Cyber crime is likely to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by the year 2025. It is only fair to say that the world will need more cybersecurity experts than ever before.

This time is considered as the best point to start a career in Cybersecurity and your first step will be to become an expert in cybersecurity by doing an online in cybersecurity with a job guarantee.

Talking about the pay for cybersecurity professionals the average salary for a cybersecurity professional is around $120,000.

cyber security annual salary


Despite the pandemic hit on the majority of jobs, Data Science jobs still stand strong with an average salary of $128,750 per annum. Data science is a job so lucrative that not only does it provide you with high pay, but also introduces you to the most advanced technology that is going on in the technical world right now. Not only will a data science course be one of the best computer courses to opt for, but it will also help you grow in the field as an expert.

The data science industry has seen a 650% growth over the years since 2012 now.

data science course details

7. DevOps

As per a report by Globenewswire, DevOps will see a 20% increase in market growth until 2026. A huge section of the people entering the tech world starts with certification courses for DevOps as it helps them get introduced to the tech side, where one can bring software operations with IT operations which are used in a large part in the tech industry.

Companies such as NASA, Netflix, Target, and Amazon have made impressive deals with DevOps usage in their fields.

These companies pay good as well,with the average salary offered to be $95,131 per annum.

devops average annual salary


Cloud computing has seen a steep increase in demand in recent years. Multinational companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon are widely using cloud computing and expansion have been quite successful on the front. Even the private cloud storage has been used by people for quite a few years now and they find the concept of cloud computing to be very fascinating and helpful.

According to a report, Cloud computing is having a growth rate of 17.5% every year. It might hit its growth from USD 371.4 billion in 2020 to USD 832.1 in 2025.

This increase in growth will result in new job openings and an increase in pay for the existing ones.The average salary for a cloud computing engineer is around $124,243 per annum

You might want to start your career in cloud computing, but first, you need to get your feet dirty with the basic concepts and building real-life projects under mentor guidance.

This is where Verzeo can help you and guide you in landing your dream job. With live mentor-led classes and guidance from industry experts, you can have a great start to your career as a cloud computing engineer.

cloud computing course details


So this was a list of all the online computer courses which can help you get a job in 2021.

You can enroll in these computer courses with a job guarantee from the comfort of your home and see yourself become an expert in your respective domains.

If you want to start your career in the above-mentioned fields, then you can check out various computer courses and internships offered by Verzeo. These courses have live mentor-led sessions that can help you launch a successful career.

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