List of 5 Best Internship Websites for College Students

best internship websites for college students

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During your college tenure all of you must have come across the term “Internship”, but what exactly is an Internship?

An Internship prepares you before you step into the corporate world, it helps you understand the do’s and dont’s of the corporate culture and how to maintain work-life balance. 

But once students have made a choice to go for an internship to gain some experience, they often struggle with finding one. 

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you the best internship websites where you can find good opportunities to scale your career.

Introduction to the Best Internship Websites

Life is divided into different phases, we finish school and enter college right after graduation we look for a new job and then comes the phase of settling down in life. 

It has been this way for a very long time now. 

Some tend to follow the pattern, while some create a new path for themselves and others.

College is a full package ball with doses of fun, laughter and lots of good memories to cherish throughout our lives. 

What is important to remember is the fact that college is preparing us for the real world, college is the base before we enter the real world.

We need to have a strong foundation if we want to build a solid building!

Studying something in books is very different from the practical part and therefore people always tell students to take practical experience for better understanding.

Online Internships are the best way to teach you how to gain the practical experience we are looking for, they give us a chance to apply what we have learnt in practice.

College students from around the world are thriving on internships. They are always on the hunt to get a good internship opportunity before they step into the real professional world. 

Many companies are hiring interns to take in fresh ideas and the youthful spirit, but on the contrary, many companies have stopped taking in interns as due to the increased competition, there are not one but many students running for the same position. 

It has become very hectic for the companies to select a few out of the many who apply each year. 

The question that arises here is, why are students so eager to do an internship?

Let us find the answer to this question below!

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Key Takeaways:

Internships are the best way to learn professionalism and work-life balance. It gives the students a chance to work under the guidance of experts to sharpen their skills and learn. It is very important for the students to take up the right internship opportunity as it forms the base.

There a plenty of websites that offer internship opportunities to the students, at the end it is the call of the students to choose which internship will help them learn and grow the most.

It helps you develop a professional attitude and enhances your personal character. The main aim of doing an internship is to get versed with a particular profession, job or industry before you apply for a job.

Why are students so eager to do an internship?

Well, the answer is pretty simple, while some do it under pressure from college as a requirement for the completion of the degree, others do it to gain experience. 

Students want to absorb how the professional world looks and what are the things they need to make note of before they enter it.

 Another reason for doing an internship is that it helps you grow and learn how to manage work and life, it teaches you how to be a good professional who doesn’t mix your personal and professional lives.

As we grow up,  students are expected to be independent and do everything on their own. 

They are expected to learn how to be a good professional along with maintaining a perfect balance in their personal lives. 

As we speak of the importance of the best website for internships for college students, for many students it is a real struggle to get a good internship opportunity. 

They go out of their way to find the best opportunity available for them. 

In this blog, I have tried to make things easier for all the students, by listing some of the best website for internships websites for college students. 

Get ready to apply! 

List of 5 Best Online Platforms for Finding Internships

1. Internshala

Internshala is one of the best website for internships websites for college students in India along with being very popular amongst students. The best thing about Internshala is that they not only provide students with internships but also aim at training them under the guidance of experts to acquire specific skills and to set a good level once they step into the industry. 

They offer both offline and online internships, along with various filters according to your own needs and wants. 

They have the option of choosing the city of your choice before you apply for an internship. 

Some of the many other courses they offer are Digital Marketing, Ethical hacking, Programming with Python, AutoCAD and many more.

Students need to create an account by filling up a signup form, which includes all the necessary details required, thereafter they are required to answer a few questions. 

After this, they are required to wait for the call back by the respective company. 

2. Verzeo

Next up on the list of the best website for internships in India is Verzeo. Verzeo is one of a kind E-learning company that has stepped into the business of online education and internships in the year 2018. 

They have made a mark right after stepping into the business, through consistent efforts towards providing the best to each child associated with the Verzeo family. 

Verzeo is offering top-trending internship courses that will align with your choice both in technical and non-technical domains. They offer internships in various fields like Robotics, Data Science, AI and many more. Along with the wide variety of internships, they also offer Pro degree programs

3. Stumagz

This is a platform that allows students to come together and exchange ideas, while they offer different services to their students. They offer a wide variety of internship opportunities, which gives the students a chance to choose from a wide variety of options. 

They approach the students with the relevant internship opportunities as per the choices of the students. Once they are notified regarding the opportunity they are expected to apply in the company using the online CV.

They also have a process of verifying and testing your skills, they check your skills and capabilities during the process or at the time of registration.

This can give the students extraordinary skills and an upper hand over the others. 

4. Twenty19

Twenty19 is yet another one of the best websites to look for internships for college students. This platform allows different companies and college students to interact with each other, by providing a friendly environment to the students to interact with the company without any hesitation. 

They give the students an opportunity to create personal pages to interact with other students and companies, which in return provides them a relaxed environment. 

It is just like having your own profile page, with all the relevant details about you and your achievements, past work experience and other details. 

The students can also list the job opportunities they are interested in and looking out for as per their area of interest.

5. Youth4Work

They define themselves as a “Marketplace for Talent”, with the increasing number of students it has become one of the best website for internships for college students in India.. 

They not only offer the students with the different internship opportunities but they also conduct tests to categorize the students based on their experience, skills, talents and areas of interest. 

Apart from offering the students a wide variety of options they also help them identify which one is the best for them.

This test helps the students find the correct path in case they are confused. They offer both full time and part-time internships. 

Well, now we know why it calls itself the Marketplace for Talent, as they identify the talents of different students before presenting them with any opportunity. 

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As you can analyse after reading the above article that offline and online internships are only a click away from you. 

how to maintain work life balance

You just need to have confidence in your own skills and abilities to be able to find the best internship opportunity. You might fail during the first few attempts but eventually after consistent hard work and efforts you will reach your goal and destination. 

An important point to keep here in mind is that you first need to clear a few rounds of interview before you are finally selected for the internship. To prepare yourself for this you can easily find lia st of various interview questions on the internet.

The list above does not end with only five websites to find internship for college students, there are a ton of other internship websites which are offering multiple opportunities to the students. 

Each one has something new and unique to offer, but in the end you need to choose from what suits you the best. 

We hope you find the internship opportunity of your dreams! 

Wishing each one of you best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare for an internship interview?

It is not as difficult as it seem, you need to confident while presenting yourself, make sure you have all the necessary documents and certificates. Be original, that is the main thing that will create a impact on the interviewers.

Is full time internship better or part time?

It totally depends on your availability and the role you have applied for. It is very important to read the job description before you finally take a decision.

How to choose the right internship?

here is no common answer for this question, for each person it will differ based on their interests, qualifications and the skills they want to learn.

What are the qualities companies look for in interns?

This answer to this question depends on different companies. One thing that companies will look out for in interns is if they are hard working, passionate and consistent with their work.

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