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Artificial Intelligence Influencers

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the fastest-growing technology in the world. Its main motive is to ease the human workforce. AI is making its mark in every industry and on every human being.

Reports say there will be 58 million jobs under Artificial Intelligence. It is the need of the hour, and its impact is growing with time. Most of this impact is bought about by artificial intelligence influencers who have a huge follower base and whom people really admire.

It is impacting everyone’s life in some way or the other and is one of the fastest-growing and recognized industries. In simple words, AI is the future.

Key Takeaways

  • Artificial Intelligence is a supreme branch of Computer Science, and its function is to ease the workload of the human race.
  • Some examples of powerful Artificial Intelligence technology are Tesla, Siri, Netflix, and Bixby.
  • Bernard Marr, Allie Miller, Andrew Ng, and Geeta Manjunath are among the best influencers in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence: An Overview

AI is a supreme branch of Computer Science that builds smart machines. They perform tasks that require human intelligence.

The core function of AI is to understand human behaviour and provide the required solutions to it.

Speed recognition, problem-solving, learning, and planning are a few instances of AI. AI can be broadly classified into 7 different types, such is its vastness.

Different scientists and engineers have different approaches to AI.

AI is the future of the tech world that will impact every aspect of the world in the future.

Some of the Powerful AIs in use

  1. Tesla Inc.– An American electric vehicle and clean energy company famous for its electric cars.
  2. Siri– A virtual assistant by Apple Inc. It is a part of Apple’s iOS, iPad, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.
  3. Alexa– A virtual assistant developed by Amazon, Amazon Alexa.
  4. Google Assistant– A virtual assistant by Google, Google Now, which engages in a two-way conversation.
  5. Netflix– An American OTT platform headquartered in Los Gatos, California.
  6. Bixby– A virtual assistant by Samsung launched in 2017.

Now that you have got a brief overview of what is Artificial Intelligence in general, let us have a look at the best AI influencers which you should follow in 2021.

Top Artificial Intelligence Influencers to follow

1. Bernard Marr

Account: LinkedIn | Twitter

Bernard Marr is the founder of Bernard Marr & Co, a world-renowned futurist, strategic business, and technology adviser to the government and many companies.

He is an international bestselling author, has 18 best-selling books, and writes a column for Forbes. ‘The Intelligence Revolution,’ ‘Artificial intelligence in Practice,’ and ‘Tech Trend in Practice’ is some of his best-selling books on artificial intelligence.

Bernard has more than 1.45 million followers on LinkedIn, 130k+ followers on Twitter, 170k+ fans on Facebook, 20k+ followers on Instagram, and over 18k subscribers on Youtube. 

2. Allie Miller

Account: LinkedIn | Twitter

Allie Miller is an artificial intelligence business leader and international speaker in San Francisco, CA. She has determined the importance of building and scaling a business in the field of artificial intelligence.

She has outstanding knowledge in artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, cognitive science, marketing, and consumer insights.

Allie is leading the most significant AI company, Amazon, as the US head of AI Business Development for Startup and Venture Capitals. She also is the founder of the AI pipeline to build diversity in Machine Learning.

In 2019 Forbes and AI Summit named her as “Innovator of the year” and LinkedIn Top Voice for Technology 2019. She was the youngest ever woman to build an artificial intelligence product at IBM.

She was the Speaker at Google’s largest worldwide HTML meetup-“Top Computer Vision Trends and How You Can Build For Them Today.”

3. Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro

Account: LinkedIn | Twitter

Gregory Piatetsky- Shapiro is a data scientist. He is the President and founder of KDnuggets, a leading discussion and learning website for Business Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science, and also the co-founder and past chairman of ACM SIGKDD.

Gregory was the first recipient of the ACM SIGKDD Service Award (2000). He received the IEEE ICDM Outstanding Service Award for contributions to the data mining field and community in 2007.

In 2018, he was ranked no.1 in LinkedIn Top Voices: Data Science & Analytics and in 2019 he was included in Top Artificial Intelligence Influencers to Follow.

4. Andrew Ng

Account: LinkedIn | Twitter

Next up on the list of top artificial intelligence influencers to follow in 2021 is Andrew Yan-Tak Ng. Andrew Ng is an American businessman, artificial intelligence scientist, investor, and writer, and the Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera.

He aims to provide access to an excellent education to everyone in the world for free. He also has conducted an online class on Machine Learning for more than 100,000 students.

Andrew Ng also has an online course on artificial intelligence for beginners by the name of AI for everyone. Through this course, Andrew Ng has managed to teach a whooping 655,469 students till date.

As a businessman and founder, Andrew was a former VP & Chief Scientist of Baidu and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University. 

In 2012 he was named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People and, In 2014, Fast Company‘s Most Creative People.

5. Fabio Moioli

Account: LinkedIn | Twitter

Fabio Moioli is yet another AI influencer whom you should keep track of if you want to become an expert AI engineer.

Fabio Moioli is the head of Consulting and Services at Microsoft. Before this, he was Vice President and Head of BU Telecom & Media at Capgemini, Account and Delivery Manager at Ericsson, and Associate at McKinsey. 

He also is faculty at Harvard BR, Singularity University, a board member of Italia4Blockchain, and Extended Faculty at MIP Politecnico di Milano and Luiss.

6. Geeta Manjunath

Account: LinkedIn | Twitter

Dr Geeta Manjunath is the woman behind a start-up for developing a novel solution to detect early-stage breast cancer, the founder, CEO, and CTO of NIRAMAI.

She has done a PhD in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Science and management education from Kellogg’s School of Management, Chicago.

Manjunath has 17 years as a Principal Research Scientist at Hewlett Packard Laboratories and experience of over 25 years in IT research.

She was also a member of the C-DAC team, which built the first commercial supercomputer in India. Till 2016, she was a Lab Director heading Data Analytics Research in Xerox, India.

In 1989 Manjunath was awarded TR Shamanna State Award from Karnataka. She was awarded the Computer Society of India Gold Meda in 1991. In 2009 she was named as one of the top 50 NASSCOM IT Innovators. 

All of the above mentioned achievements of Geeta Manjunath make her one of the most sought after experts in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Surely she is one AI influencer which you must follow in 2021.

7. Fei-Fei-Li

Account: LinkedIn | Twitter

Dr Fei-Fei-Li is a Chinese-born American computer and artificial intelligence scientist, non-profit executive, and writer. She is a computer science professor at Stanford University and  Co-Director of Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Institute.

She also co-founded AI4ALL in 2017, a nonprofit organization working to increase diversity and inclusion in artificial intelligence.

From 2013 to 2018, she served as the Director of Stanford’s AI Lab. And from January 2017 to September 2018, she was Vice President at Google and served as Chief Scientist of AI/ML at Google Cloud.


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is a vast field and is quite difficult to master. But these AI influencers have done credible work and significant advancements in the area.

Such artificial intelligence influencers are working to their bone to achieve advancements in the field. And because of them, we were able to curate one of the best courses on AI that trains you exceptionally well in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Artificial Intelligence come under Computer Science?

Yes, Artificial Intelligence is a supreme branch of Computer Science.

Why should one follow Artificial Intelligence influencers?

If you are someone who is interested in Artificial Intelligence, then you should follow the above-mentioned influencers to remain up-to-date about the technology.

Is Machine Learning a subset of Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are both subsets of Artificial Intelligence.

Does Tesla car also use Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, most of the features in Tesla cars are because of Artificial Intelligence only.

Does Artificial Intelligence have a great scope in the future?

Artificial Intelligence is the future only, it has the greatest potential among the existing technologies in Computer Science.

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