Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Humans

Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Humans

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Artificial Intelligence is far from reaching its full potential!

Artificial Intelligence is one of the key factors in most of the digital applications we use today.

Movies have always displayed Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Humans as a Doomsday scenario.

Artificial Intelligence could be the biggest development in the History of Mankind!

Endless opportunities and possibilities await the future with the constant developments of Artificial Intelligence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans with further developments in Ai.
  • The History of Artificial Intelligence and the Developments that are yet to take place in AI.
  • Types of Artificial Intelligence and their applications now and in the future.
  • Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Human Lives.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to change human lives more than Electricity.

However, many industry leaders in the development of artificial intelligence are requesting to tread carefully.

One of such Leaders is Elon Musk, who believes that Artificial Intelligence can be like opening a lid that you can’t close back up again.

However, Companies are racing toward developing Artificial Intelligence as soon as possible.

Before every car, we had tires. Before a Fully Developed Artificial Intelligence is where we live today.

History of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence was first Developed in 1955 to provide proof to theorems.

The program proved highly effective by providing proofs to over 38 mathematical theorems.

Artificial Intelligence has come a far way since providing solutions to various industries like transportation, marketing, and manufacturing with smart and self-improving algorithms.

Your Favourite voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google are all driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can be classified based on functionality

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Different Types of Artificial Intelligence

Reactive Machines

Reactive Machines are the most basic form of artificial intelligence, these machines can react and respond to their current environment.

Example: The Computer you play chess against has to figure out the best course of action according to the scenario built on the chess board.

Limited Memory

This form of Artificial Intelligence has a stored database of commands and can store data for a short period of time giving it a Limited Memory to take the necessary actions.

Example: Self-Driving cars can scan and measure the speeds and directions of the nearby vehicles to take the best course of action.

Theory of Mind

Theory of Mind is the beginning of Emotional Artificial Intelligence which would be able to understand Human Emotions and respond accordingly.

It’s still in development and will have various applications like understanding a driver’s emotions in autonomous cars.


Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence is going to be similar to human intelligence like we’re aware of the actions we take and the decisions we make.

This form of Artificial Intelligence is still in the development stage but is expected to be smarter than Humans!

Since Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence will be smarter than Humans, It raises a Question! 

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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Beings?

Artificial Intelligence can be smarter than Humans, but it may never be able to completely replace Human Beings.

Let’s say your job involves being a customer care representative over chat, chatbots with the help of Artificial Intelligence can help replace these repetitive tasks.

Artificial Intelligence can enable robots to do high-risk tasks with applications like Labour workers, Military operations and much more.

Since Artificial Intelligence is going to be smarter than Humans, it may open the floodgates for new Inventions as it will be capable of working 24/7.


Artificial Intelligence has paved its way into our everyday life, and further advancements could help mankind.

Artificial Intelligence will open endless possibilities and Doors that we didn’t know existed!

The Future of Humans could drastically change its course for the better with the Help of Artificial Intelligence.

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PS: Let’s hope those movies about Robots taking over the world are just Fiction!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is Artificial Intelligence more Intelligent than Humans?

Currently, No. Many Experts suggest that Artificial Intelligence will become smarter than Humans by 2025.

How does Artificial Intelligence affect Human Life?

Artificial Intelligence will take over repetitive and dangerous jobs which will be fruitful for humans. Artificial Intelligence would affect Human lives in various affective ways through smart solutions.

Will Artificial Intelligence ever be a Threat to Human Kind?

Even today, Artificial Intelligence is helping Humans through various solutions and experts believe it is highly unlikely that Artificial Intelligence will ever be a threat to Humans.

Do we really need Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence can solve complex problems much faster than humans and also outperforms humans in various ways. It can be a tool for a better tomorrow.

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