Are Backlinks Still Important for SEO

Are Backlinks Still Important For SEO in 2022

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Backlinks are a significant part of SEO. They also play a role in Google’s Pagerank algorithm. Backlinks help index your website in the Google search results and site authorities. Now let’s look at what backlinks are and how they work on indexing your website. And clear your doubts on

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  • Learn about backlinks in SEO
  • Know why backlinks matter in SEO in 2022
  • Learn about link building 
  • Gain an understanding of Off-page SEO techniques.

What are Backlinks in SEO?

The simple definition of a backlink is a link from one website to another. But why do websites need backlinks? The reason is apparent. Backlinks bring traffic from other websites to yours if the readers find it relevant.

There are two types of backlinks: Do-Follow backlinks and No-follow backlinks.

Do-Follow backlinks directly add value to your website domain to increase website strength. No-follow backlinks do not provide website strength but help move traffic from other websites.

Search Engine Optimisation is improving daily with the increase in websites. It has become difficult for a website to rank on the search results page. It is essential to place backlinks in the right places.

For example, placing a backlink in between a sentence increases the chance of the reader clicking on it to find out more about the topic. Now let’s look at why backlinks are essential even today.

Are Backlinks Still Important For SEO in 2022?

Yes, backlinks matter even today to rank websites. The more high-quality backlinks you add to your websites, the more it becomes visible to the search engines and has a chance of ranking higher on the SERP or Search Engine Results Page. 

Let’s look at the benefits of SEO for a website’s performance.

1. Traffic Driver (Organic)

If you want Google to give your website a fair ranking, the website will need to have backlinks that provide quality content and be relevant to the topic. Readers don’t need anything they’re not looking for. The content must be on topics that users frequently search for daily to stay relevant.

2. Backlinks Love Backlinks

Yes. You read that right. Backlinks complement each other through websites. If you have quality content with good backlinks, other websites will backlink your website without your knowledge and drive organic traffic.

3. Road to the Top (of the SERP) 

As more websites start linking to your content, your website’s domain authority consequently increases and catches Google’s attention. Google ranks websites based on how many times the website is backlinked by other websites.

4. Brand Shoutout

If the website represents a brand or is an e-commerce brand, you are in luck because the more websites link you, the more traffic is generated, increasing the chance of them converting to customers. 

The last part of the previous sentence depends on the brand and product. Backlinking is an effective way to get people talking about the brand and spread the word. But how are these backlinks built, and what is it called?


Link-building is self-explanatory. It is the process of building one-way href links or backlinks. It is essential to build natural backlinks rather than buying them in the long run.  

Here are a few ways to build quality backlinks:

1. Content is King

Quality content is always appreciated and vital for other websites to link to yours. The content must be trendy and eye-catching to stop readers from mindlessly scrolling through the page. 

2. Anchor your Link

Using anchor text is simply writing a few words as the hyperlink relevant to the website’s backlink. For example, if you link a website that talks about ‘The best burgers in town, the anchor text has to be something like ‘juicy burgers’ or ‘best burgers’ to help visitors find relevant topics they are looking for and also in the ranking of your website on Google.

3. Internal Linking 

This is also effective in building quality links by using your website’s page as a backlink. It will retain the reader’s attention on your website if the content is appealing. Let’s get technical for a second and explore off-page SEO techniques.

Off-Page SEO Techniques

Off-page SEO is the guide to becoming popular on the internet. It doesn’t matter who or what you represent, but these are the most effective techniques to rank on the SERP.

1. Social Media

The current market is online and social media is the marketplace with all the tools you will need to run a successful business. It is the only way for someone to get to know and engage with your business today by creating scroll-stopping creatives.

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people who are similar to business promoters. They typically have a massive number of followers with good engagement and reach. It is essential to make use of their audience to spread the word.

3. Blogs and Articles

Talking about your business and engaging with other brands on social media platforms through blogs and articles will help market your business all over the world. It will also create awareness and keep people buzzing online.

4. List on Google

Google is the world’s most used search engine, as you know, which also means your business needs to be on it for your target audience to find. Google also offers various tools like Google Analytics and Google Console, which will help you to run your business from anywhere.


I hope that was a quick and informative read, and that you got what you were looking for and learnt something. Using backlinks will always be relevant in any decade unless or until Google completely changes its PageRank algorithm. In short, the right number of backlinks to the right pages with quality content should do the trick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are toxic backlinks?

Toxic backlinks are unnatural links that affect the ranking of a website.

2. Which are the most powerful backlinks?

The most powerful backlinks are do-follow backlinks from a High Authority page or website.

3. How many backlinks are required for a website?

The number of backlinks would depend on the keywords and their difficult ranking. The more difficult ranking, the more backlinks you will have to use.

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