6 Amazing Blogs for College Students you should not Miss!

amazing blogs for college students

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Today if you look around, you may notice that everyone is racing towards success. The competition has multiplied by several folds over the years. 

We are living in an era where we feel that if we do not have a successful life by our mid-twenties, then we are good for nothing. Therefore we are always looking out for ways to motivate ourselves when during times of failure.

With so much pressure, expectations and hope, we miss out on all the knowledge that we can gain by reading and sharing knowledge. 

As college students, you should learn to strike a healthy balance between academic, cultural and additional knowledge that you can gain from the internet. 

amazing blogs for college students

One of the ways you can do this is by reading or writing blogs! 

In this blog, get an in-depth understanding of the 6 amazing blogs for college students that would make a great read and learning resource!

Key Takeaways

  • Blogging is a craft through which you can discuss your experiences, knowledge, passion, creativity with the audience and add value to their life.
  • Reading blogs is a great way to explore new domains. You can also contribute to the student community by writing blogs on your area of interest.
  • Machine Learning blogs by CMU, Blog of Alicia Souza, Neil Patel’s Blogs, Cognition Today, Campus Grotto and Joe McNally’s Blog, are some of the best blogs that can help you explore domains ranging from Engineering to Photography. 

Why should you read blogs?

why should you read blogs?

As you all know that we are currently living in a digital world, everything that we need to know or explore in-depth is already available on the internet. 

But, the question is are we using these advantages to upskill ourselves? The only way we can grow personally as well as professionally is by gaining knowledge and sharing knowledge. 

So, how do we do it? The answer is really simple, by establishing a learning ritual and being disciplined in life.

 As college students, we would definitely want to have a lot of fun and make memories. 

But at the end of three or four years, when you pass out of college, you should be proud of the fact that you utilize all these years to upskill yourself, harness your talents and manage to strike the right balance between academics and having a fun time for yourself. 

1. Machine Learning Blog – Carnegie Mellon University

Machine Learning Blogs by CMU

Carnegie Mellon University is one of the Top research based Universities based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you are an AI/ML or Data Science enthusiast, you should definitely check out their blogs. 

Their blogs will give you an in-depth understanding of various Machine Learning topics with proper examples and explanations. 

Since it is an academic blog, they are targeting students, researchers and engineers who have a basic understanding of AI and ML and looking for resources to expand their knowledge in these domains. 

Most of the blogs you will find on CMU’s website are written and published by Research Students members of the CMU community. 

Here are few blog topics published by CMU that may interest you:

  1. Decentralized Multi-Robot Active Search
  2. Tilted Empirical Risk Minimization
  3. Counterfactual Predictions under Runtime Confounding

2. Psychology Blog – Cognition Today, Know Your Mind

Psychology Blogs by Cognition Today

If you are a student pursuing Psychology or are interested in this field, you may find the website ‘Cognition Today’ very helpful.

Psychology is a very beautiful yet complex subject after all it deals with one of the most complex parts of the human body, which is the human brain. 

This website publishes Psychology blogs that cover almost all the aspects of Psychology by giving an in-depth explanation about topics ranging from How Food Portions Affect Eating Habits to 11 Deep Errors in Thinking

So, if you are interested in knowing more about what’s actually happening in your brain, which reflects how you feel, think, behave and react. 

Then, the research articles and insights they have provided here are a great way to learn more about this subject.

3. Tips for College Success – Campus Grotto

Campus Grotto student blogs

If you are a college student and want to know more about all the study hacks which help you get through your college life. 

Then, Campus Grotto is what you need to follow. 

This blogsite covers everything from assisting students before college to helping students navigate their lives during and after college. 

The whole site is basically split into two:

  1. Life before college and how to choose a college
  2. How to have a productive college life 

Hence, it is definitely a great website to get an in-depth understanding of college life. 

It will also help you learn about the tips & tricks to strike a balance between life, career, education and money. 

4.Neil Patel’s blogs on Digital Marketing

neil patel marketing blogs

Suppose you are interested in growing your business through Digital Marketing or willing to work for a Digital Marketing firm in the future. In that case, you should definitely go through Neil Patel’s blog.

Neil Patel is one of the most famous and successful digital marketers. 

He is also well known for presenting a variety of blogs that have been written in a simplified manner for you to get a grasp on various hacks of Digital Marketing, What is SEO, Content Marketing and more. 

Digital Marketing is one of the growing fields and the most in-demand skill irrespective of which industry you are working for. 

So, it is a good idea to upskill yourself with this knowledge side by side while pursuing your academic degree.

5. Joe McNally’s Photography Blog

joe mcnallys photography blog

If the field of photography interests you and you’re always ready to capture memories, then maybe you should get kickstarted with your photography journey if you haven’t started yet!

Joe McNally is one of the most famous photographers out there who has worked with the National Geographic Society for a larger part of his career.

His blog reflects the experience and passion he has towards photography.

Each topic is easily accessible and has a user-friendly layout, which is an added reason that you will be glued to the screens while reading his blog! 

Any topic that you choose to read will give you an in-depth understanding of the effort, dedication, skill and story behind each picture. 

Here are some of the blog topics that you could get started with:

  1. A Portrait in Time and Place
  2. The Book of Odd

6. Alicia Souza’s Illustration Blog

Alicia Souza's Illustration Blog

Are you a big fan of illustrations? Are doodling and sketching during your spare time your type of fun? 

Then maybe you will find the colourful, chirpy and fun-filled Blog by Alicia Souza very helpful for getting ahead in your journey of Digital Art and Illustrations. 

Since the time technology has taken centre stage, it has completely revolutionized the art industry, and there has been no turning back for Digital Art since then.

Alicia, is one of the most well-known illustrative designers in India who has her own brand, which goes by her name “Alicia Souza.”

In her blog, you will find a lot of comic strips, stories about her everyday life and lots and lots of freebie tags, stickers and pictures for you to colour and decorate!

Wrapping Up: Top 6 blogs for college students you should not miss!

In conclusion, reading blogs is a great way to gain knowledge and explore your subjects of interest in-depth.

 So, try to take out some time of your academic life and read about literally anything of your interest and try to upskill yourself. 

One more important aspect of the learning curve is sharing knowledge. 

Try to share what you have learnt from these blogs with your friends, who know this may encourage them to take up reading as their hobby!

Never limit yourself to solely academic knowledge, the more you explore, the better opportunities you will get. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blog?

Blogging is a craft through which you can discuss your experiences, knowledge, passion, creativity with the audience and add value to their life.

What kind of blogs are popular among college students?

Often college students lookup on the internet to read more about the domains they are pursuing their degree in; it could be anything ranging from AI/ML, Digital Art to College Life Hacks.

Where can I write blogs?

There are several easy to use platforms if you want to get started with your blogging journey. A few of them which you should try out are WordPress, Blogger, Medium and Squarespace. 

How to write a good blog?

To write a good blog, we need to make sure that the blog post or any piece of content we are creating has few essential elements that will eventually make it successful and valuable.  

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