5 AWESOME tips to nail your First campus interview

5 awesome tips to nail your first campus interview

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Believe it or not, campus interviews are one of the most brutal tests of your capabilities and knowledge. Everything that you have learned, from the beginning of your schooling to the last semester exam of your college that you just passed, all that knowledge is put to the test by your interviewers.

If you haven’t ever appeared for a campus interview, you actually need a lot of preparation than you think. Right from getting the technicalities straight, to having proper body language, everything is considered by your interviewers.

Students could also be underprepared for their first interview, which is obvious, considering they haven’t even appeared in one before.

However, with Verzeo, we have had thousands of students that have cracked campus placement tests and we know what goes into a campus interview and how to prepare for a campus placement interview.

So grab your notes and a pen, and jot down all these exclusive tips to nail your first campus interview.

How to prepare for campus placement interview

1. Research about the company

In an interview, the most primary and important things for a candidate to know about are all the details of the company they are interviewing in.

A lot of companies actually do introduce themselves before the interview, but it’s always wise that a candidate knows more about the company than what the company actually tells them.

It’s ideal to know about the company. For this purpose, you can check their social media profiles, the collaborations they have had over the last few years, the success they had witnessed with their companies, and most importantly, the areas they could improve in.

Remember, the more you know, the more you will have to talk about it.

2. Outperform the Aptitude Test

For any campus interview, aptitude tests are something that is considered the most important. When you do well in your aptitude test, only then you will be considered for the main campus interview.

This makes it really important to perform exceptionally well in your aptitude test.

Aptitude test involves a logical ability exam, numerical problems as well as communication tests.

And if you are wondering how to absolutely nail this test, make sure you are taking adequate mock tests beforehand. The more mock tests you take, the faster you are able to solve such problems. Since speed is one of the main factors of an aptitude test, make sure you work on that as well.

3. Work on your communication skills

It doesn’t really matter if you have a top CGPA throughout your college life, if you don’t have the necessary communication skills, you might face trouble cracking the placement test.

The more professionalism you show in your aptitude and communicative skills, the more chances you have of cracking the placement test.

One of the best methods to boost your communication skills is to read as much as you can. Try subscribing to blogs and articles related to your study discipline. Even Verzeo’s blogs are one of the best ways to learn more about your field.

A key element that determines your confidence in these interviews is how well you are able to convey your thoughts and points. The more clear and to the point they are, the better impression they put on the interviewers.

4. Be honest about everything you share

During the interview, you’d be asked a bunch of questions where the interviewer’s sole intention is to find out how honest you are about your answers. It might be your first interview, but it definitely isn’t the interviewer’s first time, which means he can see through everything that you say.

For a skilled interviewer, it won’t take much time to find out where you’re not honest about what you say.

If your CV mentions that you have any past experience in any company, the interviewer is going to ask questions about the same. If you are able to answer the questions well, it’s going to reflect your honesty in the interview. And if you can’t come through, the interviewer will notice that you are dishonest about your CV.

It’s okay to know limited in your first interview. It’s even okay to know very little in your first interview. What matters the most is that you are honest about whatever you say.

5. Work on your body language

It’s obvious for a campus preparation guide to include a term that suggests the students work on their body language during an interview.

But this also means that this is one of the most important aspects of any interview that you are appearing in.

Your body language plays a major role in how an interviewer judges you. If you appear too timid, the interviewer thinks you are an introvert and not suitable for leading a team. However, if you come around as more aggressive and loud than normal, you face the same problem and could be given up as over-confident.

Eye contact also plays a very important role in an interview. It depicts the interviewer of how connected you are with what they say.

You might want to make proper eye contact every once a while breaking it for a couple of seconds as well.

The more frequent your eye contact is, the more confident you sound.

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Cracking interviews are tough, we get it.

However, what you should also realize is that most of the interviewers consider your confidence and other skills over how much you know about the subjects.

Self-confidence is something that the interviewers value more than anything.

But while you are self-confident, you might also want to make sure that you don’t appear overconfident and conceited as well. Find a balance between the two.

So, make the best out of these above mentioned 5 awesome tips to nail your first campus interview.

If you have any interesting interview stories to share with us as well, share them in the comments below 👇.

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