10 Best Careers in Data Science

Best Careers in Data Science

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In today’s economic world, careers in Data Science are not just limited to statistics and analytics. Businesses rely on data-based predictions and make decisions by evaluating the risk of each and every pro and con of the strategy. 

“In the end, you should only measure and look at the numbers that drive action, meaning that the data tells you what you should do next.” This quote by Alexander Peiniger is very apt in the current business world as it totally revolves around data-based assumptions and analytics. 

With the increasing need for numerous data analytics work in business, a career in Data Science is emerging and will always be in huge demand in the market. In this blog, I have compiled the 10 best careers in Data Science.

Key Takeaways

  • Meaning of Data Science 
  • Data Science as a career, scope, demand, future aspects, and opportunities
  • 10 most promising data science career prospects with an average salary

What is Data Science?

Data Science is the study of how to extract useful information from data for business decision-making, strategic planning, and other purposes by using analytics tools and scientific concepts. 

Data scientists use machine learning algorithms on a variety of data types, including numbers, text, photos, video, and audio, to create artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can carry out activities that often require human intelligence. The insights these technologies produce can then be transformed into real commercial value by analysts and business users.

Businesses need this more than ever. Insights from data science enable them to boost operational effectiveness, find new business prospects, and enhance marketing and sales initiatives. They may ultimately result in competitive advantages over rival companies.

Why Choose Data Science as a Career?

Data Science is an ever-evolving field and is expected to take over one-third of the IT sector. There are numerous reasons to pursue Data Science as a career, the most integral ones are mentioned below:

  • Always in Demand
  • High Paid Job
  • Ever Growing Field
  • Prestigious and Challenging
  • Versatility in Opportunities

Always in Demand

In today’s commercial world, businesses rely on data scientists to carry out all the data-driven work related to statistics, mathematics, and analytics. 

Businesses are shifting to new media, that is, internet-based practices and there is more data analytics to work upon. Hence, there is an increase in demand for data scientists in the market. 

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High Paid Job

Since Data Science jobs are in demand, it has become one of the most high-paid jobs. The average Data Science salary in India is 10,00,000-11,00,000 per annum.

Ever Growing Field

Data Science is an ever-growing field since a lot of data is generated. Companies require skilled data scientists to collect, analyze, interpret and suggest data-driven decisions to grow their business.

Prestigious and Challenging

Data science experts have a prestigious place in an organization as it depends on their expert decisions and risk analysis to decide on the upcoming and current business strategies. 

Data science comprises numerous domains like statistics, mathematics, AI, business intelligence, machine learning, big data, etc. The work is always challenging as every data set is different, so your work does not get monotonous.

Versatility in Opportunities

The data science field offers a wide range of opportunities in different companies, including sales, marketing, financial services, retail, etc. Every business that depends on data and analytics for its decision-making process is an opportunity for a data scientist. 

Below, I have included the 10 best sub-fields of Data Science in which you can build your career.

10 Best Careers In Data Science

In today’s era, every business is dependent on data-driven decisions. These 10 career prospects in Data Science are the most emerging in the market:

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Data Scientist 
  3. Data Engineer 
  4. Data Architect 
  5. Statistician 
  6. Business Intelligence Analyst
  7. Machine Learning Engineer
  8. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  9. Enterprise Architect
  10. Marketing Analyst

1. Data Analyst

Data analysis is the process of extracting insights from the data and informing the business about the results and analysis to foster proper data-driven decision-making. 

A data analyst is required to identify the source, collect data, analyze the data, interpret the findings, and finally inform about the data-based results.

2. Data Scientist

Data scientists are experts who utilize mathematics, statistics and programming skills to collect and analyze structured and unstructured data.

The major role of data scientists in an organization is to find solutions to business-related problems through data-based tactics and techniques. 

3. Data Engineer

Data engineering consists of making systems for collecting, storing, analyzing, and interpreting data sets. 

As a data engineer, you are responsible for converting the data sets into useful information that will benefit the business and organization.

4. Data Architect

Data architects work in collaboration with data engineers. 

Data architects handle the database system of an organization. The main task is to frame future databases, keep the company’s goals in mind, and analyse the current databases.

5. Statistician

Statistician uses statistical methods and techniques to analyze and interpret data.

Statisticians are assigned to create the sampling design and experimental analysis based on data sets.

6. Business Intelligence Analyst

As a business intelligence analyst, you have to be proficient in programming languages, business intelligence techniques, methods, and tools.

The primary goal of a business analyst is to provide accurate and reliable data insights that will help the business to grow and overcome any obstacle by enhancing customer experience and defining KPIs.

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7. Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer is responsible for creating algorithms and programs that self-analyze the data sets through machines. 

They work closely with data scientists to extract and interpret the most accurate results.

8. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial intelligence engineers use machine learning algorithms to create AI-based data interpretation and collection designs.

The AI built by artificial intelligence engineers is used to analyse and extract business insights that ultimately help make data-based decisions that profit the organization.

9. Enterprise Architect

An enterprise architect work with several teams in an organization to create a technological-based data-driven structure.

Enterprise architects introduce new trends in a company’s business strategies.

10. Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst goes through all the databases and analyzes them to foster marketing efforts in any organization. 

New strategies and insights are brought and suggested by a marketing analyst for the growth of the business.


Data Science is an ever-evolving field and the career in the domains of data science are vast. It is in huge demand in the market and since the demand for numerous data science roles is high, you will get paid a lumpsum amount of money too!

The career prospects in data science are extensive and expected to grow by about 28% through 2026, per the US bureau of labour statistics. 

Now that you have the list of 10 best career options in data science enhance your existing skills and learn new advanced skills by pursuing a data science course in your relevant area of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is data science a good career option?

Yes, absolutely. Data science is an emerging field that is in huge demand currently. Since it is in high demand, it has become one of the most high-paid jobs with versatilities in opportunities.

2. What qualifications do you need to be a data scientist?

To become a data scientist, you need to fulfil these requirements:

1. Degree in data science-related fields 
2. Strong mathematical and analytical skills 
3. Hands-on experience with programming languages

3. Which is the best degree for making a career in data science?

For a career in data science, you can opt for a degree in computer science, economics, business information systems, information management, etc., both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

4. What are the best careers in Data Science?

Here is the list of the best careers in Data Science:

1. Data Analyst
2. Data Scientist 
3. Data Engineer 
4. Data Architect 
5. Statistician 
6. Business Intelligence Analyst
7. Machine Learning Engineer
8. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
9. Enterprise Architect
10. Marketing Analyst

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